How to maintain and maintain the rotary tiller chain



In order to ensure the normal operation and extended service life of the rotary tiller chain, regular maintenance and upkeep are required:

1. Cleaning the chain: During use, the rotary tiller chain may be contaminated with dirt, dust, and other impurities. The chain should be regularly cleaned with a cleaning agent to maintain the good working condition of the chain plate.

2. Lubricating the chain: Proper lubrication can reduce friction and wear of the chain, and extend its service life. It is recommended to use specialized chain lubricants for lubrication, and the lubrication cycle depends on the specific working conditions.

3. Check the wear of the chain: Regularly check the wear of the chain plate and link pin. If there is severe wear or damage, it should be replaced in a timely manner to avoid affecting the transmission effect and safe use. 

4. Pay attention to the usage environment: When using the rotary tiller chain, attention should be paid to avoiding excessive impact force and excessive working load to protect the normal operation of the chain and extend its service life.

In summary, the rotary tiller chain, as an important transmission component of the rotary tiller, carries the key task of farming work. The correct selection of materials, regular maintenance, and upkeep are the key to ensuring the normal operation and extending the service life of the rotary tiller chain. During use, it is essential to pay attention to safe operation, reduce impact and overload, to ensure the normal operation and work efficiency of the equipment.