Structural Characteristics and Material Selection of Rotary Tiller Chain



The rotary tiller chain is an important transmission component of the rotary tiller, which carries the important task of transmitting power and achieving tillage work. This article will introduce the structure and materials of the rotary tiller chain.

1、 Structural features:

The chain of a rotary tiller usually consists of two parts: a chain plate and a link pin. The chain plate is a key component on the chain, carrying external loads and impact forces. The link pin serves as a connection between the chain plate and the link shaft, ensuring the normal transmission of the chain.

2、 Material selection:

Rotary tiller chains are generally made of high-strength alloy steel or carbon steel materials to meet the requirements of long-term high-strength work. High strength alloy steel chains have better wear resistance and strength, making them suitable for harsh farming environments.